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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

PIA hired famous national and international dress designers for designing of uniforms worn by its flight attendants. These designers include famous names like Feroze Cowasji, Pierre Cardin and Sir Hardy Amies



1960-1966  (Capt. Khusro Nawaz Khan Family Collection)

This photo shows Air Hostesses Miss Lily Sardar (standing) and Miss Naseem Feroze feeding pigeons in Hyde Park, London. This uniform design was created by Pakistani dilettante Feroze Cowasji. Mr. Cowasji introduced this design by making minor changes in 1950s uniform designed by Laila Shahzada and Chausie Fountainer. The most obvious change in Mr. Cowasji's design was further abbreviation of already slim folded dupatta. This uniform design was used from 1960 to 1966


1960-1966  (Copyright PIA)

PIA Air Hostess Momi Gul Durrani wearing uniform designed by Feroze Cowasji


1960-1966  (Abbas Ali Collection)

PIA Air-Hostesses wearing uniform designed by Feroze Cowasji. In the background is PIA Boeing 707-321 (registration N723PA) leased from from Pan American World Airways from February 1960 to December 1962. In March 1960, this particular Boeing 707 made PIA the first Asian airline to operate jets


1960-1966  (Abbas Ali Collection)

This photo taken in May 1962 shows almond-eyed PIA Air-Hostesses Farida Haq wearing uniform designed by Feroze Cowasji

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