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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Photo Gallery of PIA's Finest Men and Women

Chairman PIA Enver Jamall

Chairman PIA Enver Jamall  (Amir Saeed Collection)

This photo taken in March of 1980 shows Chairman PIA Enver Jamall signing delivery acceptance document of PIA's second brand new Boeing 747-240B Combi (AP-BAT). Also seen in the photo is Chief Engineer Research & Development Mohammed Saeed (standing - 3rd from right) who negotiated the deal with Boeing and then took the delivery of the airplanes. Enver Jamall was one of the finest men to lead PIA. He started his career in aviation as an apprentice engineer at Tata Airlines (today's Air India) and matured beautifully in his career to retire as Chairman of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) after his migration to Pakistan following the partition of British India. Father of Indian Civil Aviation J.R.D. Tata said about Enver Jamall "From the start, Enver Jamall demonstrated the outstanding ability which led to his rapid promotion. An excellent engineer, he also proved to be a good administrator of total integrity and a natural leader of men. I foresaw that he would reach the top in Air India, and was very sorry indeed to see him go, but was very happy, as the years went by, to learn his rapid progress to the highest position in PIA which, I knew, he fully deserved"

Air Hostess Mahjabeen A. Hameed

Air Hostess Mahjabeen A. Hameed  (Copyright © Mahjabeen A. Hameed)

On the occasion of passing out Air Hostess Mahjabeen A. Hameed being awarded certificate by Hurmat Beg Director Customer Services. Mahjabeen stood first in her class passed out in August 1968. Also seen in the photo are Mr. Tasleem A. Khan and Air Hostesses Fehmida & Nuzhat Saleem waiting for their turn to get certificate

Air Hostess Mahjabeen A. Hameed

Air Hostess Mahjabeen A. Hameed  (Copyright © Mahjabeen A. Hameed)

Group photo of Air Hostesses batch passed out in August 1968. Seen in photo from left to right are: Air Hostess Azra Bashir, Air Hostess Farhat Mumtaz, Air Hostess Munawwar Jabeen, Flight Service Instructor Abdul Hayee, Air Hostess Fehmida, Chief Instructor Tasleem A. Khan, Director Customer Services Hurmat Beg, Air Hostess Nuzhat Saleem, Air Hostess Mahjabeen A. Hameed, Senior Instructor Flight Service Mufti Shabahat Hussain, Air Hostess Patricia McManace and Air Hostess Nayyer Bhatti

Air Hostess Mahjabeen A. Hameed

Air Hostess Mahjabeen A. Hameed  (Copyright © Mahjabeen A. Hameed)

Passing out celebration from left to right: Air Hostess Samina Sajjad, Flight Service Officer Mehboob, Chief Airhostess Miss. Safia Sibghat Ullah (recipient of Sitara-e-Khidmat),  Instructor Mrs. Paul Grooming, Air Hostess Farhat Mumtaz Air Hostess Mahjabeen A. Hameed and Superintendent Flight Service Mrs. Mirza

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