Pakistan 270/271 Lahore - Dehli - Lahore (OPLA-VIDP-OPLA)

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Pakistan 270/271 Lahore - Dehli - Lahore (OPLA-VIDP-OPLA)

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Some shots of my recent flight from Lahore to Dehli initially as PIA270, with a late night departure. Flying for PIA Virtual VA:

"Lahore Tower Pakistan 270, request taxi"

"Pakistan 270, taxi to holding point Runway 36R via taxiways Romeo, November & Quebec, on QNH1014."

"Holding Point RWY36R via R,N,Q, on 1014, Pakistan 270."


"Pakistan 270 airborne 46, contact Control East on 127.500, Allah Hafiz"

"Control on 127.5, Allah Hafiz Pakistan 270."

"Lahore Control Assalam-o-Alaikum, Pakistan 270 out of 2500 for Flight Level 280"

"Pakistan 270 Wa-alaikum-Asslaam, identified on departure, proceed as cleared cross position SAMAR Flight Level 110 or above."

"Roger proceed as cleared, cross SAMAR 110 or above, Pakistan 270."


Proceeding on SAMA2A departure from OPLA



The return flight early morning, as PIA271 back to Allama Iqbal International.

"Lahore Tower Assalam-o-Alaikum Pakistan 271 back with you, established Localizer RWY36R, 8 DME."

"Pakistan 271 wa-alaikum-Assalam, position verified at 8 miles from touchdown, check gears down and locked, caution for birds, surface winds 320, 05 knots, RWY36R, cleared to land."

"Position verified, winds copied, caution copied, cleared to land RWY36R, Pakistan 271."


Approaching the city of Lahore


A foggy Lahore this morning, despite the improvements in weather over the past few days.



Passengers satisfied with on-time departure and early arrival Alhamdulillah :grin:
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