PIA 777-300 at Manchester- Video

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PIA 777-300 at Manchester- Video

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WOW :shock: !!! I love the vid. I like the beggining where u can only see the tail :lol: :wink:
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Nice Video, its really amazing how quite these new T73s are!.

Any pictures from Karachi from recieving ceremonies of this aircraft?

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Cool vid, I too like the beginning were the tail is only visible... kinda reminds me of a shark fin (in the movie, Jaws) :lol: I remember back in the day when I used to wait at the old LHE airport, I used to see a similar sight with the PIA tail just visible when the aircraft was on the runway..

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very nice ! i like the livery on this bird suits it. i hope now PIA can start painting the 777-200LR in a province tail. and leave the 777-200ER as flag livery.
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Post by Moin »

Also check out this link:

Shows some amazing crosswind landings of the 777 prototype including rare footage of the first 747SP landing in a crosswind.
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WOW!!!!! great video!!!! just hear the sound of the BIIIG engines when it departed WOHOOOW!!!!!