Boeing 737-200

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Boeing 737-200

Post by bluesky »

hello members!

i want download a boeing 737-200 in my fs2004 with complete cockpit and panel i have downloaded timmouse but the gauges are blank.

pls help me to get the gauges on.

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Re: Boeing 737-200

Post by cpt_747 »

Was there a gauge folder in the download folder? If so, please take all the contents and put them in the gauge folder of the FS2004.

If there weren't any gauges in the downloaded folder (which is unusual for someone to upload a full package without the gauge) please download gauge separately for the similar cockpit and put the contents/ files in the FS2004 gauge folder which is located in the FS2004 main directory (below the aircraft folder).

I hope it would help :)
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