Spotting at Frankfurt on 03.10.2011

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Re: Spotting at Frankfurt on 03.10.2011

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irfanjaffry wrote:Thank you turbotraker. By posting such good quality photos; you have now forced me to spend some time and edit my pics which I have resisted to do for almost 3 months now :) I will try to clean my lens as well as edit any of my pics and will share with you. Thanks once again
Once you see the difference in your photo pre and post editing, you will know the effort was well worth it. To make editing easier, try to ensure the sun is behind you when shooting, I noticed from a few of your photo's the sun was just lighting the nose up. Photo's will have a better quality with the help of the Sun.

In order to rid your camera of dust, you will need to have the CMOS sensor on the camera cleaned. Dust on the lens is not that much of a problem. If you are not confident in cleaning your own sensor, do NOT do it, as it can be easily damaged.
the other way is to clone out the dust spots in your editing software.