PIA Boeing 747 (AP-BFX) At Sialkot Airport - Photos by AM

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PIA Boeing 747 (AP-BFX) At Sialkot Airport - Photos by AM

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Here's a set of photos taken by forum member AM. The photos show PIA Boeing 747-367 (AP-BFX) parked at Sialkot Airport. On February 22, 2008, AP-BFX became first Boeing 747 to land at recently inaugurated Sialkot Airport. The Boeing 747 will remain stored at Sialkot Airport for some weeks.

For details see topic: First PIA Boeing 747 To Sialkot (Posted On February 22, 2008).

Photo 1.

Photo 2.

Photo 3.

Photo 4.

Photo 5.

Photo 6.

Photo 7.

Thank you AM for sharing excellent photos!
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Post by Abrardh1 »

Thanks for sharing.
Hope to see more in the future.
Abrar Din Hussain

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omg are you serious! is that interlocking on the ground?

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Is that cloudy weather, traffic smog or fog?

I heard this a/c will be parked there for about 10 days to 2 weeks and then it will fly back to Khi to be broken up for spares and its engines to be used on the other grounded 743. Apparently, this a/c has completed its life cycle and flying hours and it is now time to call it a day.
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Post by Pineapple »

All B-747s have now become 'history of PIA' :D
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