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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Photo Gallery of PIA's Finest Men and Women

Air Marshal Malik Nur Khan

Air Marshal Malik Nur Khan  (Zaheer Khan Collection)

Memorable 1970s photo of Chairman PIA Air Marshal (Retd.) Malik Nur Khan with employees including cabin crew of the airline. Seen in this photo are (L to R) F. R. Khan, Nahid Talat, Qudrat U. Khan, Wahab Khan, Anis Sheikh, Chairman PIA Malik Nur Khan, Zaheer Khan, Mary Ringrow, Kausar, Zeenat Pirani, Arif Yaqoob & Nazir Adenwala

PIA Engineering Manager Enver Jamall

PIA Engineering Manager Enver Jamall  (Jagan Pillarisetti Collection)

Enver Jamall, PIA's engineering manager, and Patricia Stroud, aviation writer, at Karachi Airport in 1959 with one of PIA's Lockheed L-1049C Super Constellation seen in the background. Enver Jamall was one of the finest men to lead PIA. He started his career in aviation as an apprentice engineer at Tata Airlines (today's Air India) and matured beautifully in his career to retire as Chairman of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) after his migration to Pakistan following the partition of British India. Father of Indian Civil Aviation J.R.D. Tata said about Enver Jamall "From the start, Enver Jamall demonstrated the outstanding ability which led to his rapid promotion. An excellent engineer, he also proved to be a good administrator of total integrity and a natural leader of men. I foresaw that he would reach the top in Air India, and was very sorry indeed to see him go, but was very happy, as the years went by, to learn his rapid progress to the highest position in PIA which, I knew, he fully deserved"

Omar Kureishi

Omar Kureishi  (Abbas Ali Collection)

Omar Kureishi is seen at his office in PIA in this photo from early 1970s. From 1960s to early part of 1980s, Omar served PIA at high ranking positions in customer and public relations departments of the airline. Omar is also credited as the man behind creation of PIA slogan 'Great people to fly with'. It is said that during early 1960s, Omar was having discussion with officials of a foreign advertising agency which was given contract to launch new ads campaign for the airline. During discussion, the advertising agency officials asked Omar to describe PIA in his own words and Omar replied by saying 'PIA are great people to fly with'. Finally the day came on which the advertising agency gave presentation to PIA management to unveil new ads campaign. Omar was pleasantly surprised to see his remark becoming airline's slogan as 'Great people to fly with' in ads campaign unveiled by the news agency. The ad campaign and its slogan was given approval by airline's Managing Director Malik Nur Khan. The popular slogan 'Great people to fly with' is still used by PIA. Later, Omar was one of PIA officials who held fruitful talks with famous French designer Pierre Cardin for designing of new uniform for airline's flight stewardesses. The uniform designed by Cardin for PIA flight stewardesses was an instant hit and remained in use from 1966 to 1975

Flight Service Officer Nazir Adenwala

Flight Service Officer Nazir Adenwala  (Zaheer Khan Collection)

1970s photo showing Flight Purser Zaheer Khan (left) and Flight Service Officer Nazir Adenwala at Pyongyang, Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), where they had arrived as cabin crew members of PIA VIP flight operated for Pakistan Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

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