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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Photo Gallery of PIA's Finest Men and Women

Capt. Syed Aziz

Capt. Syed Azizullah  (Syed Nasrullah Collection)

Capt. Syed Azizullah joined PIA in 1962 after a distinguished service with Pakistan Air Force where he flew combat and transport aircraft. Popularly known in PIA as Capt. Syed, he captained Trident and Boeing flights and as airline pilot served Pakistan's national flag carrier for 15 years.

Capt. Syed was among elite group of PIA pilots including Capt. Abdullah Baig, Capt. Taimur Baig, Capt. Yusufuddin, Capt. Ghiasuddin and Capt. Mir who were security cleared and certified for VVIP flights. Pakistan President Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan, according to his Military Secretary, had cleared only three pilots to operate his flights abroad and these pilots were Capt. Abdullah Baig, Capt. Taimur Baig and Capt. Syed. Once Capt. Abdullah Baig was grounded and became PIA General Manager Operations for Europe and USA, only two pilots - Capt. Taimur Baig and Capt. Syed - were scheduled for President Ayub Khan's foreign tours.

After the 1965 Pakistan-India war, a Chinese artist was commissioned to draw paintings for PIA calendar depicting airline's operations, flight services, ground services, aircraft interior and exterior etc.. The Chinese artist picked up Capt. Syed for his cockpit drawing with Capt. Syed on controls. This painting adorned PIA Chairman's office wall at airline's head office in Karachi for quite sometime and it made Capt. Syed a very familiar face in PIA

Ground Instructor Shukriya Khanum

Ground Instructor Shukriya Khanum  (Copyright © Qaiser Ansari)

(L to R) Qaiser Ansari, Capt. Lodhi and Shukriya Khanum. Shukriya Khanum was first Pakistani woman to obtain Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). She joined PIA as Ground Instructor and there for a number of years she taught CPL ground course subjects to Cadet Pilots

Operations Manager Qaiser Ansari

Operations Manager Qaiser Ansari  (Copyright © Qaiser Ansari)

Capt. Abdullah Baig, Operations Manager Qaiser Ansari and other officers with a PIA Hawker Siddeley HS.121 Trident 1E

Capt. Anwar Masood

Capt. Anwar Masood  (Abbas Ali Collection)

The first PIA Boeing service operated with Boeing 720-040B (AP-AMG) to land at Istanbul Airport, Turkey, in 1966 was greeted by General Selami Pekman, military commander of Istanbul region and many other Turkish dignitaries and representatives of local press. Photo shows General Pekman with Mr. Kazmi representing President PIA, Capt. Koreshi, Mr. Anwar Hussain, Capt. Anwar Masood and Mr. Bhuiyan, Manager of PIA in Turkey

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