Fasting Pilots Not 100% Fit

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Fasting Pilots Not 100% Fit

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Both pilots of PIA 8303 were fasting.

PIA strictly "discourages" pilots from fasting while flying.

Why can't PIA prohibit pilots from fasting. Is it fair to put the lives of passengers at risk when the pilot is not 100% fit. Why did Sajjad Gul make all these mistakes, flights he had done hundreds of times, is it because he was already fasting for 10 hours???

When the flight crashed the pilots had already been fasting for nearly 10 hours and must have had low blood sugar and were not 100% fit.

CAA needs to come out and make it a LAW no fasting when pilots are on duty.

People make mistakes, it happens but this is the second crash in Pakistan where the pilots were fasting, the first one was Air Blue crash in Islamabad.

CAA needs to ban fasting for flying pilots.

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