Unwilling to travel given the situation in Pak

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Unwilling to travel given the situation in Pak

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Hello members

Family is booked to travel between London and Islamabad in couple of weeks. Given the current situation we do not want to travel. Whilst most Middle Eastern airlines are offering generous flexibility PIA (I believe) does not have such offer. Does anyone know what my options are? We are booked in economy on PIA. The ticket was purchased on PIA website.

Thank you for help.

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Re: Unwilling to travel given the situation in Pak

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Hi Ahsan,

Best thing to do would be to ring PIA and ask them about a date change and if not then a refund.

If you are wanting a refund, say that you do not want to travel and you will cancel your tickets, and they should refund you. However they may take a refund fee from your tickets as you chose to cancel. However if PIA cancels the flights, the under EU261 regulations you are eligible to get a full refund from the airline. But since you are optionally cancelling your ticket, it may be you will get your refund back minus a fee from their end. Hope it helps.