Dubai Airport Runway Repair to Affect Many Flights

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Dubai Airport Runway Repair to Affect Many Flights

Post by Abbas Ali » Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:50 pm

Sibte Arif

The refurbishment of the runway of Dubai Airport from April 16 till May 30 would affect many flights, including Pakistan-bound-flights from the airport.

Dubai Airports authorities stated that Al Maktoum Airport, the second airport in the city, will provide alternative to absorb affected flights.

The Dubai Airport’s authority will close its southern runway for 45 days for refurbishment and will operate with only a single runway. The process will significantly reduce the capacity of the airport so various airlines, including Pakistani airlines, to reduce their operations from the airport. Airlines are also requested to shift their operations to nearby airports.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Airblue are shifting some of its flights from Dubai to Sharjah airport instead of Dubai’s Al Maktoum Airport.

The upgrade works of the runway are designed to boost safety, service and capacity levels of the runway.

PIA’s flight for Lahore will operate from Sharjah Airport while Airblue flight for Peshawar will provide services to its passengers from Sharjah Airport as majority of their passengers are residents of Sharjah.

Dubai budget airline Flydubai for Faisalabad, Karachi, Multan and Sialkot will operate from Al Maktoum Airport during the refurbishment.

Passengers travelling from Dubai Airport are advised to recheck their departure airport before leaving the home, authorities stated.

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