Lucky Hayat

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Lucky Hayat

Post by chaklala » Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:12 pm

Does anyone remember this Cold-War tale? Apparently this fellow made it to the US.

Poor Spy
Lucky Hayat, Once Unlucky.

Hayat was a PIA pilot, Capt rank, a very flamboyant & high life roller coaster boy. He had his own Cessna plane at Karachi Flying Club in Malir, where he would take his friends (mostly ladies) for joyrides. He had been thru a no of accidents but came out unscathed, thus earning the alias 'Lucky Hayat'. His detractors called him 'Lucky Wahayat'.

It was the time of 1964, when LB Johnson was US president, and China was US arch enemy, so much so that even Russia was put at second place. Vietnam war was at its height, fully supported by China.

In this background, China announced that it was going nuclear & conducting a test.

In those days Pakistan was one of its very few friends. China had allowed Pakistan to overfly its territory, thus PIA became the only airline to connect Beijing, Tokyo & Karachi.
However Japan Airlines lost its business & forced Japanese govt to stop PIA's Beijing Tokyo flights.

When China exploded its nuclear bomb in its south, CIA desperately wanted to know its tech details.
Lucky Hayat, who was flying Karachi-Beijing route, was recruited for this purpose & provided with sophisticated adhesive scotch tapes, which he was required to stick on exterior of aircraft body. Then while flying to Beijing, he was to deviate from assigned path and fly as close as possible to the nuclear cloud drifting across Chinese airspace.

The tapes would catch nuclear particles, that CIA would analyze, when it recovered the tapes from Hayat.
Hayat dutifully obliged. But when his plane deviated from its assigned route, Chinese were alerted. They discovered the tapes & arrested the entire crew. All passengers were also detained. Ultimately they discovered that only Hayat was involved, He was returned to Pakistan under custody with a strong protest & President Ayub blushed all the way upto his ears.

Hayat was placed under arrest & housed in Midway Hotel near Karachi Airport. The inquiry was initiated & Hayat fully cooperated. However he requested that his Cessna be brought from flying club to airport so that he may oversee its upkeep & maintenance. It was agreed & the plane was brought & parked at a corner at Kci Airport. Hayat would start it sometimes, see that the engine was running smoothly & then switch it off.

One day while Hayat was at his Cessna, an American propellor aircraft, on its way to Iran, made an emergency landing at Kci Airport & parked in the same corner near Hayat's plane.
Hayat suddenly in front of his stonished security gds, made a dash to US ac, which had its engines running, & it took off without ATC's clearance. It was ordered to return but it did not obey.
Consequently, stand by jets from PAF Mauripur were scrambled, which intercepted the US ac over the sea & forced it to land at Mauripur Base.
The aircraft was searched but there was no Hayat aboard, only US nationals, who all denied vehemently, that they took off with Hayat.

"Without ATC's permission? Yes, there was an emergency.. But with Hayat aboard? Definitely 'No'.
By the way, who is Hayat? We don't know anyone by such name".

They had to be freed after some time, under intense US diplomatic pressure.

And to this date, Lucky Hayat is missing, presumably consumed by the fish of Arabian Sea. Once Unlucky

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Re: Lucky Hayat

Post by inducedrag » Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:26 pm

Is this story true ??

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Re: Lucky Hayat

Post by TAILWIND » Sun Jan 13, 2019 1:02 pm

there are many holes in the story. First, test site of Lop Nur are in the north and not south as claimed in this story. Too north for a small deviation from KHI-PEK route. Plus how could our spy hero put the tapes on without ground crew or engineers noting.
And the luxury of him being allowed to run his aircraft engines while under arrest for such serious charges . I think little truth more fiction.

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Re: Lucky Hayat

Post by Abbas Ali » Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:29 pm

Adhesive foils were placed on leading edges of wings of PIA Boeing aircraft for air sampling after Chinese nuclear test.

China lodged official protest with Pakistan after spotting foils on PIA aircraft.

PIA Boeings used for this purpose mentioned in book titled 'I Remember' by former PIA Chairman Enver Jamall.

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