International traveler tax at airports?

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International traveler tax at airports?

Post by haroon_ek » Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:30 pm

Dear fellow members,

I heard from my friends that at the new Islamabad international airport, the authorities have started to collect something called "International traveler tax" (500 rupees per passenger) from the passengers departing by international flights. No receipts are provided and I think there has been no circular about this officially.

My question is that is this really instated by the government or it is just the same old "pocket warming" procedure by the airport personnel? If not, this matter would be raised to the government by us in this regards. Paying taxes isn't an issue for us, these taxes would be definitely used by the government for the development of Pakistan but the authenticity should be first verified.

Kindly can anyone else confirm this if he/she has also paid something recently?

P.S: I have been away lately from this forum and I tried to search similar topics but couldn't find but if it has been discussed in the past, the moderator is open to delete this thread. Thank you

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Re: International traveler tax at airports?

Post by Tuti Fruiti » Sun Sep 16, 2018 7:31 pm

I dont know about this..But its not a surprise if that is happening at Isb airport. Airports in Pakistan are the best place to put all sort of taxes on passengers and deprive them of money through any means possible whether it is purchasing a snack ,parking fee,taxi,stealing items from luggage, bribes or any other rip offs..The ultimate result of all those policies in broader sense is ..passengers are paying large amount of money to travel from point A to B, while the pockets of some guys in govt get filled up at exponential rate.