Aviation 400 Release: PIA Pakistan Int DC-10-30 Reg: AP-AXC

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Go for the Aeroclassics version. That doesn't have the SCD and is more accurate.
Moin Abbasi

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If you have not picked up any yet. The AC does seem to be more accurate than this version. Still even if they got the door wrong, I decided to pick up this model. Looks very accuarte interms of colour, accuracy, detail and comes with a plastic stand - similiar to DW.

Its a keeper! :wink:

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The photo on following link shows PIA’s first McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 (AP-AXC). The photo is taken between 1974 and 1975 as indicated by early 1970s livery that included lines of stars above and below PIA tail logo.

AP-AXC Photo Link: http://planepictures.net/netshow.php?id=795974

^ In this photo, it was interesting for me to note last 15 cabin windows with lowered shades and this photo reminded me of discussion that we had in this topic about PIA DC-10-30 seating configuration during aircraft’s early days of service with Pakistan's national flag carrier. Here I would like to add that PIA’s first three brand new DC-10-30s (AP-AXC, AP-AXD & AP-AXE) were delivered in 1974.
H Khan wrote:AP-AXC, AP-AXD, and AP-AXE were originally configured for 215 PAX in mixed class with main cabin baggage. There were 22 first class with 6 abreast seats (42 inch pitch) with 193 economy class 9 abreast seats (34 inch pitch) and 1 R/L thru 7 R/L baggage containers starting from about 11th window after door #3 to the door #4 on the right side or port interior. If you entered the thru door # 4 on the port side on the left were containers and on the right was galley#4 but there was a passage along the windows.
I’ve managed to get this info confirmed. At the time of their delivery in 1974, PIA’s first three DC-10-30s (AP-AXC, AP-AXD & AP-AXE) were configured to carry a total of 215 passengers and all these three aircraft had baggage containers in rear section of cabin as seen in following diagram which shows this option was available on model DC-10-30 that was operated by PIA.

Source: Boeing.com

Looks like passenger cabin entry door 4L was used for putting baggage items into these containers? Which makes me believe that small-sized baggage items were placed in these containers?

Following photo shows a PIA DC-10-30 at Islamabad Airport in 1974 or 75. We can see door 4L is opened.

A PIA McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 at Islamabad Airport in 1974/75.

In 1975, PIA decided to remove baggage containers from all these three DC-10-30s to increase their passenger seating capacity from 215 to 277. Following diagram shows a DC-10-30 cabin configured to carry 277 passengers.

Source: Boeing.com

One thing I’m 100% fully sure is that all five DC-10s (AP-AXC, AP-AXD, AP-AXE, AP-AYM & AP-BBL) operated by PIA were model DC-10-30 and they flew with PIA as DC-10-30. All these five DC-10-30s were without main deck side cargo door during their years of service with PIA.

The aircraft designated as DC-10-30CF has main deck side cargo door on front fuselage (port side) as seen in following diagram. In designation DC-10-30CF, ‘CF’ means ‘Convertible Freighter’. I would also like to add that DC-10-30CF already was in production and in service with airlines like Trans International, Overseas National Airways and Martinair when McDonnell Douglas delivered three DC-10-30s to PIA in 1974.

The following diagram clearly shows main deck side cargo door on port side of front fuselage for aircraft designated as DC-10-30CF.

Source: Boeing.com

So, all five DC-10s (AP-AXC, AP-AXD, AP-AXE, AP-AYM & AP-BBL) operated by PIA were model DC-10-30 and they flew with PIA as DC-10-30.

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Very informative thanks Abbas! :thumbs_up:
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