John Travolta forced to land his private jet

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John Travolta forced to land his private jet

Post by FULLTHRUST » Tue Apr 10, 2007 10:24 pm

John Travolta was forced to make an emergency landing in his private jet on
Monday night (02.04.07).

The 'Pulp Fiction' actor was piloting his Qantas Boeing 707 from Germany to
New York when he encountered engine problems as he flew over Ireland.

The shaken 53-year-old star - a licensed pilot - was forced to land his
aeroplane at Ireland's Shannon Airport.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "If he hadn't made it to Shannon,
it could have been the end of him. You could tell that he was very

An airport spokesman confirmed: "John Travolta was diverted to Shannon due
to technical difficulties."

Travolta - who was in Europe to promote his new film 'Wild Hogs' - grounded
his jet and continued his journey on another aeroplane.

The plane-mad actor owns five aircrafts, while his Florida home has its own
1.4 mile-long runway. He and wife Kelly Preston even named their son Jett.

His 34-seater Quantas 707 - which boasts three bedrooms - bears the name
'Jett Clipper Ella' in honour of his son and his daughter Ella Bleu.