Lots of Turkish Airlines videos (LON-IST-ISB-IST-LON)

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Lots of Turkish Airlines videos (LON-IST-ISB-IST-LON)

Post by iqbal » Thu May 26, 2016 2:09 am

So I recently started my boycott of PIA (due to many reasons) and travelled for the first time on Turkish Airlines business class from London to Islamabad. In short, loved every minute of it! The lounge at Istanbul was a highlight as was the in flight catering.

Lots of videos have been uploaded to YouTube and are below. Couldn't really do any real shooting at Islamabad as it was dark and the airport was essentially empty at the time.

My only criticism would be against the A330-200 seating arrangement - the angled business class seats that Turkish Airlines offers on the leased Jet Airways planes is really annoying. You're very isolated, great for privacy but if you're with someone it gets hard to communicate with them. Also you have to look over your shoulder all the time to see anything - almost broke my shoulder trying to film!

Also, boarding at Istanbul can be via stairs and when you have an elderly father with you this isn't ideal either.

Overall Turkish Airlines is absolutely great and compared to the PIA fare it makes absolute sense to me!

But do enjoy my clips - it certainly has been a while since I contributed anything. I will upload some pics via Abbas in a short while also.

Take off from Heathrow

Arrival into Istanbul

Departure from Islamabad

Arrival into Istanbul (2nd time)

Departing Istanbul

Arrival London (long-ish video)
Iqbal Malik

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Re: Lots of Turkish Airlines videos (LON-IST-ISB-IST-LON)

Post by Abbas Ali » Thu May 26, 2016 12:00 pm

Excellent videos - thank you Iqabl for sharing.

Looking forward to seeing photos.

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Re: Lots of Turkish Airlines videos (LON-IST-ISB-IST-LON)

Post by Arslaan » Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:55 pm

Awesome videos Iqbal bhai. Many thanks for sharing.