PK 795

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PK 795

Post by Hasson2k2 »

Hey Salaam guys,

Quick question. I am going from ORD-KHI on Nov. 25th on PK 796 Inshallah and coming back Jan 6th on PK 795.

When I went to the website, it says that PK 795 initiates from Lahore, comes to Karachi and departs Karachi around 6am and then stops in Manchester and then onto ORD... since when did this happen???

I took PK 795 this past January and we flew the normal KHI-LHE-MAN-ORD.

Does anyone know when and why this happened???

It sux!! It shortens my take offs and landings :cry: heheheh


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Post by Charliedelta11 »

they changed the pattern a few months ago...sometime in the end of july...dont really know why