Saudia worst experience

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imran khan07
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Saudia worst experience

Post by imran khan07 » Tue Jun 02, 2015 12:22 am

date 9/4/2015
saudi airlines flight 3722
late one hour and we sit at jeddah like in jail
we boarded at 10:30 on B747-400 TF-AAC leased for air Atlanta Icelandic
interior very bad IFE not working at all . behavior of crew was like we are not humans and worse experience was after flying one and half hour they announced we are going back as plane have technical problem .it was really scray and everyone start praying .we have been landed back at jeddah and they serve us food on board then took us to terminal where no one is even ready to answer us when we will fly back again . we have waited 3 more hours and finally they took us to another 747.condition was same no IFE not good meals no service and too much hip hop . finally we reached at 11:30 at night Islamabad .original time was 4:30 but seems they don't care no apology not even they said sorry or even announce it. simply they kicked us out .they are using planes like TF-AMI 22.7 Years and TF-AAM or these routes ? surprisingly no one reported it i can not find this incident and return of 747 on internet at all .

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Re: Saudia worst experience

Post by AbdulAziz » Tue Jun 02, 2015 2:44 am

These rented AC are black spot on Saudia .. I have experienced that my self last JAN 2015 RUH-LHE route but the good thing is that Saudia started using their owned B744 HZ-AIV/X/W/Y better crew at least.
my recent Jan 2015 RUH-LHE on Saudia wet least B744 TF-AMS the AC generally configured for full economy layout and it was flying on PAK, Bangladesh, Indonesian routes we kept shades open no one said anything but the crew was rode with passengers as they feel its 3rd world ppl :|
recently SV started using their own B744 on Pakistani routes after pulling them out from MNL route HZ-AIV/X/Y so on return flt LHE-RUH it was AIV I selected my own seats upstairs as seats as wide and more comfortable but crew was nice , IFE NOT working at all even the common one.


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Re: Saudia worst experience

Post by CoyBoy » Wed Jun 03, 2015 3:24 pm

Back on forum after seven year suspension \:D/ how time has flown, liking the new look.

Flew SV back then did short trip report will look it up, KHI-JED and back on 777, everything was good, good IFE, nice young crew all Arab, Pakistani supervisor seemed aloof but she wasnt really interacting with passengers anyways, on return only one female crew seemed a bit stuck up, she looked like Leah Rimini from the American sitcom King of Queens but fairer, again all crew were Arab with Pakistani superviser for women, werent told to pull shades on either flight, but after meal service and putting off lights on the return leg they woke everyone up for duty free service, there were what appeared like some deported on return flight in a very dirty state, maybe shipped straight from construction site or jail, ogling at the hostesses, so maybe such people cause crew attitude problems, seated in J cabin on return flight but with Y class meal, seat foot rest didnt work and the arm holding PTV was loose.

Overall not bad.